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Guestbook for bonno RAY
Kiara Davis(non-registered)
I was seriously sad to see a lot of photographers being made fun off in most of gag and social media sites these days. But you have given me a reason to fight back and to showcase what real and passionate work is all about.

::: http://www.qspray.com
Lovely pictures, they remind me of how lucky I am to live on the Canary Islands.
Nanna Brodersen(non-registered)
After having seen your Road Trip again, I must say that my favorite photo is the cool "rotating tree trunks" in some sort of plantation.
Nanna Brodersen(non-registered)
I like the photos alot, particularly the ones with raindrops.
bronk hermann fiennes(non-registered)
Very progressive work mr k! Although im more of a conservative ol' school photographer myself i indeed appreciate the creative flow on display here. Keep the juices flowing.
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